meet modern ink mag’s peeps (according to the urban dictionary…)

with our premiere issue being released two weeks from today, we think now is the perfect time to say thank you to our contributors, who have worked tirelessly behind-the-scenes to help put our online magazine together…we look forward to publishing their work on june 1st for everyone to admire!

one catch: you’ll have to read their “for-real” bios in either the troupe section or the contributor section of modern ink magazine; these “bios” are how the urban dictionary defines them by their name…disclaimer: the urban dictionary isn’t always what we call “nice.”  we may have had to edit some of them for “appropriateness”…maybe.

allison sprouse (co-creator & creative director): "a woman defined by brains, beauty, class, and membership in the upper echelons of society...can usually be found wearing pearls or sorority letters"

rachel turner (co-creator & editorial director): "a smart, sassy and sexy young woman who knows things from fashion to film to literature, from manolo blahniks to mahatma gandhi."

claire balest (contributing beauty editor): "beautiful and perfect in every way..."

rob bennet (web development): "he will search for his own source of originality. it is important to this person for others not to confuse him with somebody else...usually, someone with this name is excellent at dealing with large amounts of stress and can be an excellent friend when times are tough for others."

austin church (contributing writer): "a very handsome man; a very cute man; a fun-loving guy; a genuine ladies man; a funny guy; a guy with many talents..."

cj isaac (contributing photographer): she's amazing and makes everyone feel safe and comfortable. she instills a feeling of trust in you that you just can't shake off."

tara kneiser (contributing photographer): "tara is the definition of the one woman who will ever exist who is the definition of sexiness, perfection...smarts, and extraordinary talent."

ilene liff mier (contributing writer): "the most wonderful, perfect, bundle of sunshine. she is mature, beautiful, and incredibly lucky..."

sarah martin (contributing photographer/writer): "a sexy little creature..."

susan mccanless (graphic designer): "susans tend to be wonderful girls. if you've got one hold on tight! susans are extremely fun, caring, intelligent, very funny, beautiful, and make the best friends and girlfriends ever. they are the epitome of classiness!"

gibson penn (contributing music editor): "after a high-five, a gibson is when going in for the first bump, opening your hand at the last-minute and grabbing your unsuspecting friend's fist."

lindsay saint clair (contributing writer): "a beautiful young woman who will never forget how to smile and love..."

michelle simpson (contributing stylist): "a kind of girl superior to the rest; the smartest, most beautiful girls in the world are named michelle."

alyssa sprouse (contributing writer): "everything a true best friend should be, someone who can always make you smile and knows her way around your head, one of those amazing people you meet in life that you should never let go"

kara werner (contributing writer): "perfection. flawless and beautiful. wonderful and kind. funny and lovable. completely undeniable"

daniel wiseman (web layout specialist & illustrator): "the coolest and most awesome person you will ever meet...he's cute and funny..."

graham yelton (contributing photographer): "men fall at her feet..."


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