the groove: indie-rock style

Picture an unmarked warehouse, a bit out of the way, in an unlit downtown New York City or San Francisco.  The doorman is far less concerned with seeing your ID than in whether you know the “password.” As you walk in, the muffled bass gives way to the full spectrum of music unheard in the commercial, mainstream clubs everyone else is at tonight.  This club is packed with casually dressed, PBR swilling hipsters, vintage sneakers tied tightly, ready to get-down to the latest Indie dance music.

This playlist will give you a taste of music that’s casual, unassuming, and made for the type of dancing you do when no one is watching.

  • “Time to Pretend”                              MGMT
  • “Little Secrets”                                   Passion Pit
  • “Burn My Shadow”                            UNKLE (feat. Ian Astbury)
  • “Drugs”                                                Ratatat
  • “Not In Love”                                     Crystal Castles (feat. Robert Smith)
  • “One Month Off”                                Bloc Party
  • “Dawn of the Dead”                           Does It Offend You, Yeah?
  • “Riot Rhythm”                                    Sleigh Bells
  • “Empathy”                                           Crystal Castles
  • “Falling Stars”                                    UNKLE (feat. Gavin Clark)
  • “Cameras”                                           Matt & Kim
  • “Heartbreaker”                                  MSTRKRFT (feat. John Legend)
Be sure to click the pop-out menu in the top right corner in order to hear this month’s playlist…it will be up for the month of May for your enjoyment!
May’s playlist was compiled by Modern Ink’s contributing music editor, Gibson Penn. Gibson is a self-proclaimed loaner who enjoys nothing more than reviewing, critiquing, and producing music.  Other interests include (in no particular order: Star Trek and alien costumes, Lord of the Rings battle reenactments, Dungeon and Dragons miniature detailing and collecting, and Brazilian jiujutsu).  He also enjoys irony, sarcasm, wit, and people who smile genuinely and speak their minds. Feel free to contact Gibson at .
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