a room of her own…

Modern Ink’s creative director, Allison Sprouse, takes us into her home office for a quick look around…

After relocating my office to my house, I was determined to carve out a space that was entirely my own.  I needed to design and style a place to inspire me for the creative aspects of my work and allow an escape from the mundane duties of home. Now I love going to work…this very personal space always lets me forget about the dirty dishes and the impending laundry piles multiplying downstairs. What can I say?…for me, this office is magical!

Martha Stewart paint in Rainwater adds a soothing feel to the office (www.homedepot.com).

Brad Johnson, of Willow Creek Gallery, created a custom desk from an old door, which happened to be from the office building my husband’s grandfather used to work in (www.willowcreekgallery.com)!

Architectural salvage is a wonderful way to decorate a large wall. We transplanted our old store sign onto the wall of my office. To discover some amazing salvaged items, visit Olde Good Things at http://www.ogtstore.com.

The Remington typewriter and the ampersand pillow (see below) pay homage to the world of the editorial! I also learned how to type on a typewriter, so it reminds me how “seasoned” I am!

Happy Wednesday to all of you! I hope you find yourself inspired in your place of work today – get out there and conquer the world! ~Allison

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4 Responses to a room of her own…

  1. Julie Sterchi says:

    Love it!

  2. mandy says:

    Looks great!

  3. Nan Sprouse says:

    Loved the picture of Matthew’s great grandmother, Fanny on your wall! Can’t believe I haven’t seen your office yet! It looks extraordinary!!

  4. Ben Mathes says:

    incredible Allison! Looks great! what can you do with skins and bones and guns- oh
    and knives- lots of knives…

    love you all

    Uncle Ben

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