truth or dare: always an option

We’ve all had those Friday nights that begin without direction and seamlessly evolve into an evening filled with laughter, comical conversation, and abounding memories…  recently, we had such a night. Disagreeable weather proved the catalyst for a soiree swelling with cocktails and an eclectic technicolor showdown of candlelight and music.  We put a twist on an old classic, truth or dare, with a vintage card deck and borrowed costumes–a no-fail way to spin the night away from boredom.

No affair is complete without photos that reflect the mood of the evening, and we captured the bizarre festivities solely with the hipstamatic iphone app:

(To see our game night playlist, see our blog post:

Creating our delicious game night cocktail, Indigo Fizz, is simple: mix two parts gin to one part tonic…top off with blackberry preserves.  Serve it with the spoon!

that's WHY it's called a dare...

no party is complete until someone ends up with a lampshade on her head...

…and they all felt fine in the morning…

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One Response to truth or dare: always an option

  1. graham says:

    y’all are wild. I wish jay & I could have joined in the nonsense!

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